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Welcome to Plan-jETI!

Over the last decade, the need in adaptable software systems grew enormously. Systems need to keep pace with constantly changing environments and requirements.

The model driven design paradigm, as supported by the jABC platform, is an important step towards more adaptable systems. Minor changes to an abstract model of a system can cascade in a chain of propagated changes to subordinate model levels, eventually causing a different program to be synthesized. But, just like other "traditional" software engineering paradigms and design patterns, the model driven design paradigm provides no general concept of autonomous adaptation.

The Plan-jETI platform targets at assembling, classifying and supporting various tools, mostly from an "artificial intelligence'' background. Among  these tools are theorem provers, (sat) solvers, planners and interpreters, all of which provide some sort of "intelligent'' decision or action planning services and can thus be used to synthesize models of software systems and programs.

What is Plan-jETI?

Plan-jETI is a collection of tools for model synthesis. Each tool is documented and classified.  In addition, the tools are deployed using a jETI Service Provider Site. The jETI platform provides transparent remote access to services, facilitating the development and maintenance of heterogeneous software systems.

This project is a collaboration between the chair Lehrstuhl für Programmiersysteme at the Techischen Universitaet Dortmund and the chair Service and Software Engineering at the Universitaet Potsdam.