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Tool developpers

Plan-jETI substantially relies on contributions from tool developers. Integrating a tool into jETI has the following advantages:

  • Present your system to a software engineering audience.
  • Allow users to quickly and easily try out your system.
  • Present your system to other tool developers. Compare your approach with competing concepts.
  • Leverage integration and deployment in industrial-grade software systems.
  • receive case studies.
  • Get in touch with partners in the industry as well as with researchers in software engineering, bio-informatics, linguistics ...

If you are a tool developer and want to integrate your system(s) into Plan jETI, we suggest you complete the following steps:

  1. Download and fill in the Tool Documentation Form. The information provided in this form will allow us to document and classify your system. Send the form to the email address indicated in the instructions.
  2. The project manager will contact you and provide you with both an account to the Plan-jETI SPS and the necessary instructions to install and deploy your system. The project manager is happy to assist you at any time during the installation and deployment process.
  3. After deployment is complete, the project manager creates a new page on your tool on the Plan-jETI website. The information provided in the Tool Documentation Form  will be used. In addition, the project manager will classify the new tool(s) according to the available documentation. After classification, the tool will be publicly available for experimentation and integration.
  4. The last step consists in providing usage examples for the deployed tool. Usage examples should illustrate the characteristic capabilities of the tool while being simple and easy to understand. Usage examples are provided as executable jABC projects.

Before you start the integration process outlined above, we suggest, you read this document in order to gain additional background information on the project and the technology we use.